Lidia Ostrowska
lidka płasko
Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology and the School of Art in Poznan. Architecture and interior designs for several years, treating your taste to create a personal passion for life. Their knowledge up to date deepens participating in numerous workshops, training, fairs and openings. Lidia recognizes the individual needs during initial discussions with the client and propose optimal solutions. As the person heading the project advises the best in terms of quality, and economic arrangements of materials. The fascination for painting and art, beautiful objects provides a strong base for plotting sophisticated projects.

Radek Ostrowski
radek płasko
Economist of the University of Economics in Poznan, whose passion has become DESIGN. It keeps track of the latest trends in the industry by actively participating in numerous workshops, fairs and training. Radek manages the company, establishes and maintains contacts with contractors, exercise control over the affairs of the legal and formal.
This leads investments using the latest tools of project management. With the litigation approach to projects and gained experience innovative measures used in interior. It is shown how to carry out the investment nietuzinkowością.