30 October 2015

warsztaty egger
Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet as a leader
workshops on the use of materials for EGGER
architects and furniture.
Our relationship with two days of training under the link..

14 kwiecień 2015

kolejna publikacja
Artykuł naszego autorstwa w magazynie CERMAGAZYN 1/2015 -
Bitwa o łazienkę, czyli Ona i On

28 January 2015

sas showroom
Kilka miesięcy naszej pracy projektowej… i Dzień Otwarcia!
SAS Showroom wystartował.
Mamy nadzieję, sprawdzi się jako miejsce spotkań wykonawcy,
architekta i docelowego klienta, dla których całe to przedsięwzięcie.
Nowe rozwiązania w meblarstwie pokazujemy tu na przestrzeni 250m2
bazując na produktach firm Rehau, Blum, Egger, Zobal, Kronospan i innych…
Przed obowiązkowymi odwiedzinami zapraszamy do zapoznania się
z filmem promocyjnym.

23 December 2014
Clients, Friends and Partners wish you a joyful Christmas.

24 November 2014

konferencja wfm
W ostatnim czasie mięliśmy zaszczyt i przyjemność uczestniczyć w panelu
dyskusyjnym prowadzonym przez prof. Henryka Mruka dotyczącym przyszłości
designu w zderzeniu z ergonomią kuchni.
Pierwsza publikacja na jednym ze znanych portali meble.pl.

6 July 2014

Zwycięskie Mistrzostwa Polski MTB ARCHI CUP 2014
MTB ARCHI CUP 2014 (mountain bikes ) completed a triple success.
Lidia Ostrowska took third place in the category Women OPEN.
Radek Ostrowski took second place in the category Men OPEN and M3.

30 June 2014

Ideas that move - OSTROWSCY DESIGN taras www.tarasyrelazzo.pl
Another publication! This time an article on our terrace in stock REHAU
Visit our website on the terraces www.tarasyrelazzo.pl

8 June 2014

7 May 2014

Tarasy relazzo panele kompozytowe
Rekomendujemy, distribute and install high quality
Look just like the perfect way to arrange the space Household.
We guarantee comfortable use, safety and product quality
and construction.
We provide fast, comprehensive professional services.

18 April 2014
Clients, Friends and Partners wish you healthy, Happy Easter and Happy Easter.

20 March 2014
New website launched, we invite you to read the new content, and in particular our projects.

28 brand 2014

Maro pokój nieprostokątny
We present one of our custom projects – non squere room.
This place, in the labyrinth lie down.
Place, in which we try to cheat gravity.
The project with our partner – at Maro.

20 March 2014
New website launched, we invite you to read the new content, and in particular our projects.

16 January 2014
News from the world of design riders. Business and sport goes together- REHAU Relazoo Team won the plebiscite at portal XC-MTB. Turns out, that persons involved in the design, also have a knack for cycling.

1 January 2014
After a month of intensive work with pleasure to present Our new office! Welcome.

23 December 2013
Clients, Friends and Partners wish you a joyful Christmas.

29 November 2013
Intensive repair work. We're moving, So we pack things in a hurry, refresh and organize new home, arrange adequate lighting, functional furniture and look forward to the final!
Please also note, that changed the address of the office - now welcome to st. 171B/76 Grunwald Poznan.

10 October 2013
We're getting ready to change and waver some secrets. We prepare our new office projects.
Visualizations available on facebookowym profile.

31 September 2013
We begin lifting website.

1 September 2013
September and the beginning of the school year, provokes us to think about the children. We know how important space arrangement for their children's development. We want you to place was an inspiration and a safe haven. On Facebook we present different views children's rooms for fun and learning.

11 August 2013
We measure the MTB races. In the category of M3 route 42 km Radek Ostrowski was a great success. His effort was awarded a silver medal.

1 July 2013
Although Started holidays and vacation time not idle. With a smile on his face close new projects. Special attention we bathrooms arrangements, that can become our private spa, essential for the hot temperatures.

9 June 2013
TENNIS ARCHI CUP 2013 completed a great victory. Lidia Ostrowska took first place in the category Women OPEN. Thus, we have a team Mistress Polish Architects 2013. We proudly refer to page presenting Results.

7 May 2013
Fanfary! We assumed Ostrowscy Design profile on Facebook!
Well now you can watch and comment on our projects.